The world cup so far

Okay, I take it back. I don’t think Brazil are going to win this year. I thought after the lukewarm opening match, the second one against Mexico they were going to just go for it. Nope. I watched the first 40 mins are decided to go back to sleep (the game started at 3am my time). Actually the whole match was sleep inducing. It ended in a nil-nil scoreline. Seriously, the Brazilian national team, in Brazil, playing for the world cup. You would think they would score 1 goal at least. What happened? This Brazilian side is really making me miss their old players, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Ronaldo, Cafu, Robert Carlos and even Rivaldo, who I wasn’t a big fan of.

Here’s my very amateur round up of some of the teams and the group stages of the tournament so far:

Chile: The Chilean team are playing more like the Brazilians than the Brazilians. I’m impressed. They have a real shot of winning this. Their goalkeeper/captain is awesome.

England: What the hell happened? They’re actually playing prettywell :p. I think fairly young team are just going all out, guns blazing which is great to watch and they might actually do well this year. Unlikely they will add one more star to their team crest/logo but you never know.

Colombia: I just like how they celebrate goals. It was like their life was made in that moment. They were so excited/happy when they scored it just made me feel happy. Based on the group they are in, they might make it but not sure if they will make it past the next round.

Italy: Good looking players, and they normally play a pretty defensive game. Works for them, but it’s usually boring to watch unless they are playing an interesting team.

Germany: I have to say based on the age of their “star” players, I had my doubt on their ability to do well. But what can I say, they played a great game. If anything, the Germans are consistent especially in defense, in the last game the goalie didn’t have to do too much. It was like they built a wall or something. But not discrediting Neuer though, when the ball did get to him, he was amazing. I still think if any European team has a shot of winning this it’s them. They play a fairly defensive game too normally, but they are way more exciting to watch then the Italians for some reason. And like the Colombians, you have to love the German goal celebrations. Its quite the opposite to the Colombians though, extremely calm and somewhat muted. They almost just continue on the game like nothing happened.

Netherlands: Yes they have a good chance of winning this but they really play dirty. Plus they drop like feathers all over the field which is annoying. They’re a great team, I just wished they would try and keep the integrity of the game and focus on their playing skills, not acting ones. They are terrible actors too might I add.

Greece: Panagiotis Kone. That’s it. Unlikely they will make it past the group stage.

Argentina: I haven’t seen them play so I can’t really comment but I heard they were alright and they are a South American football giant, so can’t write them off. They normally play dirty like their Dutch counterparts but hopefully they have a different strategy this year.

Portugal: To quote a friend, their main strategy was to pass the ball to Ronaldo. Didn’t work for them against the Germans, but they still may stand a chance in going through, if they rethink their strategy. It might be tough though given they are in the “group of death” this year.

Spain: Oh Spain. In all honesty I didn’t expect them to do too well this year but I didn’t expect them to do this badly either. They’re out of the tournament. Yes they’re in a tough group but they had the players to do okay. However most of them were on the bench. I blame Del Bosque for the crappy performance. Okay fine, and Iker Casillas too but everyone knows he hasn’t been in his best form since he broke his hand last year. (I am biased when it comes to Casillas though, I have been following his career since about 2000, the longest of any other football player, so it’s like he’s a friend :p).  Iniesta did pretty well but he didn’t have proper support (why was Cesc Fabregas not played coach?).

That’s my world cup update for now. Looking forward to the England, Germany and Argentina matches coming up. The world cup is such great entertainment. I am definitely going to work towards going for the next one. Hate that it’s in Russia though.


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