Law of attraction

If you want something to happen you are suppose to visualise it in detail and put it out in the universe so that is comes true right? Well in keeping with the world cup theme, meet Panagiotis Kone. He’s a midfielder for the Greek national team. And if you haven’t noticed from the picture below, he’s gorgeous. Based on the internet, he’s single too. :D



I didn’t watch the Colombia v Greece match. I didn’t know he existed until the cousin (yes her again), brought my attention to him. Therefore she should get first right of refusal right? :D The following is basically sounds like a fictional story that came about due to an over active imagination. What I am putting out to the universe is for the following to happen:

After the World Cup, Kone will head over to this part of the word for a Southeast Asian holiday. While in Singapore he meets the cousin, they get to talking, meet up a couple times after the initial encounter and exchange details. They continue communicating when he goes back and soon a long distance relationship develops. Once the 2014/2015 football season starts, he gets busy and with the time difference they communicate less. This doesn’t sit right with Kone, he feels the need to spend more time with her so he offers to fly her AND A FRIEND (crucial part of the story is in uppercase) to Italy or whereever the club he’s playing for is located (he’s currently in Bologna/Serie A, but who knows if that will change after the World Cup). And so cousin and her friend go to visit, and of course my cousin and Kone fall hopeless in love and live happily ever after. Now the sub plot to this story is, Kone wants to spend time with my cousin so he pulls a favour with one of his friends to keep the friend accompanying her (who may or may not turn out to be her also single cousin) busy. Kone’s friend and cousin’s friend hit off extremely well, and they live happily ever after too. The end.

Isn’t that just the perfect story? Anyway I am putting that out there into the universe. Will keep you guys posted on whether it comes true and if the law of attraction works. Oh and if you are going to judge me and think I am one of those women who only for the cute players, I just want to say I watch football because it’s exciting and entertaining. The hot players are a bonus. :D


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