Yup it’s that time again, time for me to walk around like a zombie because of the World Cup. I am glad I was able to catch the opener, even though it was played in the opposite side of the world. It was a good game, and my score prediction came true. I have been very lucky in my predictions of football matches in the past, maybe I should start betting on a few matches, possibly get a supplementary income you know :p. There was a time in my life, I was a football nut. I would say probably from 1999 to about 2008. I followed the 4 european leagues (La Liga, the EPL, Seria A, Bundesliga), the Champions league and major tournamnets including the Copa America. I knew everything about almost every player in the clubs I liked, and even some in those I didn’t. Who was going to be transferred where, who was out on injury, for how long and the type of injury, I knew it all. I even knew what was happening in players’ personal lives. Not in a creepy stalker way (that’s arguable), but in truly fanatic fashion by even keeping up to date with the football gossip articles/shows. It was fun, and a way to pass time I guess. Somehow when I started working, I pretty much stopped following soccer, and maybe it was the lack of time but it was hard to catch matches after a while, with time difference and stuff. Nowadays, I get my news from the internet or the newspapers (yes I mean hardcopy newspapers, I am a dinosaur I know). I don’t watch as many matches anymore, only a select few. I still enjoy watching soccer, but I sometimes wish I had kept up in crazy fan mode.

While watching the opening match this morning, during half-time (when my brain went on overdrive), it just started to feel a little lonely watching the match alone. Thank God for modern communication technology, and more importantly the amazing people that kept me company via instant messaging (the cousin, the goldfish, Keir and Phuong).

Anyways, before I start full swing at work next week I have 3 more group matches I am hoping to catch, if my sleep deprived body doesn’t give out first, Spain vs Holland (3am, Saturday morning), England vs Italy (6am, Sunday morning) and Germany vs Portugal (midnight, Tuesday morning). Good luck to me. Incase you are wondering my money is, figuratively, on Brazil to win. If not them it’ll probably be Argentina, though I don’t like the Argentinian national team because they tend to play dirty. I know they’ve produced a lot of amazing players and win a lot of matches, but I don’t care, I still don’t like them and don’t want them to win. I always follow the German and Spanish teams in these things, don’t know why (maybe because I am a Real/Barca and Bayern fan), but honestly I don’t think La Roja stand a chance in this tournament (sorry Iker!). The Germans maybe. Exciting times :)


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