My love

I was outside a cafe, waiting for a friend of mine who was late, as usual, when I saw a pretty good looking guy walk into it. So I decided to do what any normal bored person in my situation would do, watch him (stalk is such a strong word  :p).  He was alone but given how he looked and was dressed I figured he was waiting for his girlfriend. But then the waitress came and gave him his food. That’s when I figured it was just him. Table for 1, a situation I am all too familiar with. I contemplated asking if I could join him, but then I realised my friend would be showing up any minute. Besides it would have been weird given the number of empty table around, so I just continued observing him, off and on, and then it happened. He picked up his coffee cup. Just by the way he drank his coffee, you knew he was a coffee-lover. It was clear he was savouring every sip and every drop that passed his lips, a simple pleasure that a most coffee drinkers may miss as they gulp down their morning cup. I think I might have fallen in love. A man who truly enjoyed coffee, that’s almost soul-mate material. Everything else didn’t matter, I was just in awe of the way he enjoyed his coffee. I started dreaming about how both of us could travel the world in search of the perfect cup of coffee. When I came back to reality and glanced at his table, he got up and left the cafe. That was it, the end of my 15 minute love story. Yes it is totally possible that I was more in love with the cup of coffee than I was with him, I hadn’t had caffeine in a few days. And I have fallen in love with coffee before. But on hindsight I realised that this encounter pretty much sums up my love life, extremely short lived and unrequited.


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