Deal or no deal

My life has started to resemble what I would consider a boring, miserable, pretty much worthless existence so I decided to take stock my life goal and hence was inspired to write this post.  I have this thing as part of my “talks” with God or the universe. Given that universe likes toying with me I make deals with God. Some (probably everyone) might call it mental but it’s kind of my equivalent to praying and being spiritual. They basically are sort of life goals. The main deal is, don’t let me die till I achieve these things. I started this system probably when I was about 21/22. Most of these things are stuff I control but there is 1 thing that I don’t.

Besides that 1 thing, the gist of the list is travel and education related. I have finished my Masters so am thinking about whether I really want to embark on a PhD in the future, so that’s semi on the list. The other one is the travel to Europe. There are a lot of places I want to visit but Europe is the must visit place for me. I have this strange fascination with history and architecture (and cool weather). Well I revised this goal a few years ago and made it to travel to Europe before 30.  And now I am running out of time. I turn 28 this year and hence I locked in tentative dates with the cousin for 12-2 Decemeber 2015. I would love to do it sooner but realistically in terms of finances and weather considerations I think that’s the best time. Besides I am a bit of a brat, I can’t do backpacker hostels and stuff so yes would like to save up a considerable amount. But the problem with Europe is that there so must to see. These are some of the places I want to visit in Europe:

  • Italy, mainly Tuscany/Florence, Rome, the Amalfi coast
  • Madrid, just to watch a match at the  Bernabéu – I can’t go to Europe and not watch a football match.
  • Auschwitz, Poland
  • Scotland – Love the accent and I want to go see a Scottish castle, they just look so nice in travel shows
  • Ireland – Love their accents even more :D
  • Romania, particularly Transylvania – Yes to visit Dracula’s castle. I have a strange fascination with vampires (before it was cool, i.e. way, way before twilight, true blood, etc)
  • Liechtenstien
  • Istanbul, everyone says you need to visit it – don’t know if it qualifies as Europe or the Middle East though
  • The Scandinavian countries (where exactly I haven’t decide)
  • Prague
  • Iceland
  • Santorini, oh pretty Santorino

I probably have to do 3 trips or more to Europe. If not someone give me a job in Europe already, I want to live there while I sight see :p

Here’s a list the all the other places in the world I want to visit:

  • Japan – Imagine all that sashimi and wasabi, yum
  • Egypt – When I was very young I wanted to be an archaeologist/egyptologist, as I said, strange fascination with history
  • Cambodia
  • Myanmar (hopefully this year)
  • Quito – I have friends there now so why not
  • Botswana – I saw a job there and researched the place and it seems so nice. I am still hoping they call me for that job.
  • San Francisco, seems like such an artsy place
  • Alaska
  • Rajasthan
  • New York, because it’s New York
  • Beijing, need to see the Terracotta warriors
  • Uluru/Alice Springs – I have spent so much time in Australia but not once gone to the Outback. Have to change that.
  • Houston is in maybe list at the moment. Not sure about that one yet.

So that’s the list. For now anyway, I am sure it’ll grow. Hopefully I am able to see them all in my lifetime, but the deal with the universe only includes Europe, maybe it’s time for a revision.


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