The paradox

People are idiots. Yes I know, that’s not news to anyone. Here’s the thing, I don’t know if it’s a problem caused by being on introvert or just my own screwed up mental state, there is this paradoxical cycle, when it come to me and people. You see I generally like being left to my own devices, i.e.  being left alone. However, too much of isolation makes me feel hopelessly lonely. So then I reach out to people in my tiny circle in an attempt to be a little more social and hence feel less lonely. In the process though, I am somehow reminded that people are idiots which leaves me to retreat back into my shell/cave and that starts the cycle once again. Maybe I need to make new friends (with non-idiots). Too bad I am too anti-social/socially awkward to do so. It’s like I am just caught in this unbreakable, often miserable, loop. But hey, that’s life right?  Well it’s mine anyway.


3 thoughts on “The paradox

  1. hey, i really like your posts, i find them funny even if the topic is kind of serious. About this whole thing of your social life, i think you should have acquaintances partly because you’ll have new people to be friend with, and partly because you’ll have more options on people i.e. you’ll have a good number of people that you got whom you will spend time with and not only having the same people like over and over. i hope that works for you. cheers ^^

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