My boring life has been shaken up a tiny bit. I am in a bit of a predicament. I have mentioned the job situation right? Well that company that has finally sent me an offer, which is a little less than what they initially said and is a 1 year contract position, which I wasn’t told earlier. I will live with the crap pay but they are expecting me to start next week but I got called for an interview next week which I want to go for. The position I will be interviewing for may involve regional travel and has better career growth prospects so yes, I want to at least go for the interview. The interview’s on Tuesday, before I got the call for it, I told the former (the company that offered me the job) that I can start on Monday. So now what? Why couldn’t I have gotten the call for the interview just 1 day earlier?

Being confused I spoke to people around me about the problem and asked opinions. If I have learnt one thing from this is that I am surrounded my a bunch of liars. :D My sister, the cousin, my dad and friends all told me, just give them an excuse and push the start date. They even made up excuses for me including, medical appointment, taking care of grandma, travel, part-time job, volunteer project, etc. I am terrible liar, that’s why I left my last job role in sales. Plus it doesn’t feel right, bad karma, but I guess that’s what has to be done. If I do end up being called for a 2nd interview  (or offered the job, fingers crossed) for the position next week, I will have to deal with the even more awkward situation of  lying to get more time off or leaving the company I just joined. But I won’t jump the gun, I shall cross that bridge, if I come to it.


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