Julio Cesar

I need to apologise to Julio Cesar. When yesterday’s Brazil vs Chile match went into penalties, I underestimated him. Or maybe I over Claudio Bravo. I still think Bravo is amazing. And you can’t blame me, Brazilians aren’t know for their goalies. Plus he plays his club football in Canada. But he actually made some […]

What it has come down to

I was catching up with an old school friend over text. Told her about all my job hunting woes. She had a recommendation for me – divine intervention. She wasn’t kidding. You know the crazy part is I am actually considering it. The self-professed agnostic considering seeing a Buddhist monk. That’s how you know shit […]

And we’re back

Back to the world cup now, but this is going to be brief. I decided to update my FIFA Fantasy Football team before round 3 of the group stages. Yes I have a fantasy football team, yes I have no life. I don’t know why I do these things, it’s not like I get ranked […]

Addendum: World Cup

Since my earlier post, I have watched more matches and some teams for the first time and have observations about 2 more teams to add. Argentina: I just watched their match against Iran. I have to say, while there still was a fair number of questionable tackles during the match, I do think they are playing less […]

The world cup so far

Okay, I take it back. I don’t think Brazil are going to win this year. I thought after the lukewarm opening match, the second one against Mexico they were going to just go for it. Nope. I watched the first 40 mins are decided to go back to sleep (the game started at 3am my […]