Patience level: Dalai Lama

No I am not at that ultimate Zen state of mind yet, but I think I’m on track. I have definitely mentioned this before. I do feel like an ungrateful child complaining but the thing about parents the older they get the crazier they get. And not always in a good funny way. Living with them when you are almost 28 is no walk in the park. It’s like their temper is shorter and they are always having mood swings. I am like walking on eggshells all the time and that’s tiring. I am also constantly telling myself to take deep breaths, let it go, not snap or cry, even if I am sleep deprived and PMS-ing. Which is a big step. My patience level hence, I am self-proclaiming, is at a way beyond average level. I am almost ready to climb a mountain and spend the rest of my life meditating living a yogi/swami lifestyle. Well I am climbing the tallest hill in Singapore again on Saturday as part of a hike, maybe this time I will stay up there.

My patience level has also increased/improved because I seem to be the family middle-man. I am the layer between the parents and the sister. Why they refuse to stop using me as an intermediate communication channel even though I repeatedly tell them to stop, I don’t know. Why would (my dad) call me just to ask me what Akka’s (that’s what I call my older sister, it’s Tamil) plans are for the day or (my sister) send me a WhatsApp message to find out what time Appa (that’s what I call my father), is coming home from work? Firstly, why would I know those answers? Secondly, just call, text, send smoke signals, messenger pigeon  or use any other form of communication to talk directly to each other. Oh family.


4 thoughts on “Patience level: Dalai Lama

  1. It’s not easy. And the parents, usually more the dad, generally wants the kids out of the house. That was my situation. Dad was like, “So when are you leaving?” And mom was like, “You can stay as long as you wish.” And then dad would stare at me with dagger eyes. Good luck!

    • I would like to move out if I could. I wish I was living in an individualist society where it is the norm for kids to move out. Unfortunately I am from a more collectivist one where if you are not married and not estranged from your parents, you are seen as weird for moving out. Not to mention, it’s very, very expensive over here to rent/buy property.

      • I didn’t even think about that. I know you’re not appreciating it as much in the situation, but as a writer, interesting cultural fact ;) You’ll survive it!

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