Just life

Well thought I need to just write a general update post. The weekend’s been a bit full of ups and downs. Unfortunately a few more downs than ups. Firstly, the job that I previously mentioned that I got, well ever since I accepted the offer, they kept telling me they were preparing the employment agreement and that they will let me know when it’s ready so I can start. And so I waited. However, on Friday, after I chased them yet again for it, I got an email saying they went with someone else for the that position. That’s it, no explanation, no apology, nothing. Very, very unprofessional I feel, not to mention disappointing for me. Not sure why but that’s really gotten me depressed. Back to the drawing board. Well not exactly. While waiting for those idiots to get back to me, I went for a 3 day trial with another company. It’s a social services place that deals with youth at risk, particularly teenagers who are pregnant and have no where to go. My job role there would be quite sales-y more than marketing, which is not ideal and the pay isn’t great, but it’s a good cause. After the 3 day trial, I am still uncertain about taking on the job. The new industry is too out of my comfort zone. But maybe that’s a good thing, or maybe I’ll crash and burn, who knows. It’s not like they have offered me the job, so I will have to wait and see.

In other news, there’s not much else really. I have not much of a life. There was mother’s day, I think that went well, took my mom out for tea, though I felt guilty I couldn’t afford to buy her a proper present. Her birthday’s this week and I can’t afford to buy her anything for that either. Oh well she’s my mother, she’ll still love me.


I also kept hearing the song I have included below, on the radio. It’s a Tamil (Indian) song that I love, I don’t know why, maybe because I like the 2 actors involved in it. I know that the likelihood of someone proposing to me in the near future (if at all) is unlikely and I have said I don’t need an over the top one, especially since I do hate attention, but if someone wants have that song in the background or do a full on routine to that song as part of a proposal, I’d be fine with that :D. Just saying.

And speaking of dreams, I want this dress. Not sure i’d get a chance to actually wear it somewhere but I want it anyway. I left it out of my earlier wishlist. Zac posen, if you’re reading this and have some lying around, please do send one my way.


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