Why are men assholes?

Yes that’s my current question. Whether it’s saying things they don’t mean or making promises they have absolutely no intention of keeping. Or disappearing, like they dropped off the face of the earth or suddenly not communicating with no explanation at all. Or in some extreme asshole cases hacking into their exes Facebook account and then still having the audacity to ask her who the new guy she seems to messaging a fair bit is and how she could move on so quick , when he (the asshole) cheating was the reason the relationship ended. And if you say guys only treat women the crappy way they do because women let them treat them that way, go screw yourself. Seriously. And that’s me putting it nicely.


23 thoughts on “Why are men assholes?

  1. Apart from the generalization that all men are like that, I agree with your insight whole heartly, they can be real jerks, but you have to realize it’s a two way street… there is a lot of guys and girls who can act the same way, I tend to think there is more guys that fall into that category though. Ultimately if they’re doing that to you and you stay with them it’s no fault but your own, not saying their in the right but not doing anything about it is just as foolish.

  2. If you keep them in your life after breaking up with them from the bad they’ve done to you then well… you kind of asked for it. People don’t usually change the way they think, if they hurt you while together, the chances of them doing it when you’re not together but say friends is much of the same if not higher, hopefully things work out in your favor. :)

  3. *hugs*
    I know for a fact that there are some truly worthwhile people out there; unfortunately it seems we have to slog through a lot who are not before we find them. (Yes, this applies to both men and women.) Sorry you have to deal with this B.S. Be good to you. <3

  4. Oh, I assumed it was about you, my bad lol. Tell your friend she deserves better, if he treated her like that then he wasn’t worth her time. Someone better will come along who actually cares, not all guys are that great but once in a blue moon you’ll run into one that understands and is willing to do whatever it takes.

  5. Bahaha. You got a lot of comments on this one ;) People suck. It’s just, no one sucks quite as badly as during a break up. I hope things get figured out. Keep moving forward. :)

  6. Seems I am not the only one to have this problem. I have a friend whose husband left her for a lot younger model and stranded her in Florida, taking her cat then not telling her it died. In my case the guy blames me for everything that HE does wrong or says I don’t care. The thing is men normally don’t HEAR even if they listen. They are entitled brats who would rather talk at you and use you rather then treat you as an equal. And we made them that way by allowing them to be that way and not putting them in their place. Face it! Because of Monotheism and their take on a woman’s place we encourage this! We are all at fault! Sorry, but it is true.

    • I don’t think the problem is isolated to monotheism. I am from a culture that’s not exactly monotheistic an it still exists. Thanks for your take, interesting that you brought up this social construct in a discussion about a-holes :p

      • It is social too. Really, back before (I am talking long before, larger civilizations came to be Men and women shared not only life, but responsibilities as well. Seem the more men decided that they wanted women for only one thing the less important we got and the more they felt they could treat us like crap. The good guys are few and far between, but they are out there, and even they have their flaws.

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