My father is an interesting man. He’s definitely an introvert and is fairly quiet man, but that has not stopped him from having a sense of humour fueled by dad jokes. Sometimes he just leaves me bewildered. Here are 2 incidents from tonight to try and explain why when you see my dad you might see me standing with a puzzled look on my face or banging my head against a wall, somewhere nearby.

Incident #1

We were going out, dad was driving so I follow him up to the second floor of the carpark given he was the one that parked the car and hence should know where it was or which lot it is in. After getting to the second floor, he turns to me angrily and says “Why did you follow me up here when the car is on the ground floor?”. He walks back down shaking his head like somehow I made a mistake. I go after him trying to figure out how this was somehow my fault.

Incident #2 (I will be trying to make sense of this one for sometime to come)

We (parent’s and I) were in Ikea. I had a hard enough time herding both my parents (who kept walking off in different directions) through the maze that Ikea is but then my it happened. My mom stopped at bath mats and called my dad and me over. When we walked there, I, seeing the kid in candy shop look in her eye try, focus on making sure she doesn’t buy too many mats in too many colours that won’t match the bathroom. After convincing her she just needed 1 grey one, I turn back to my dad, who I last saw feeling the mat with his hands, bent over, semi sprawled/lying on the heap of mats i.e. his face and body is on a mat. My dad by the way is a 63 year old Air Force veteran who now is one of the discipline masters in a local school. He sees my “what the hell?” look and tells me the mat feels really nice and soft, further rubbing his face into one. He then stands up and wraps one around him continuing on about how nice they feel. I do remember the words “Pa what are you doing, those are mats for the floor” leave my lips but that didn’t seem to have deterred him. I look back to my mom for some support but I see her with 2 additional mats in her arm busy searching for more that we don’t need.  It was about at that point, I just gave up. And to think I was thinking parents trying to stop their little kids from getting distracted and running off had it tough.


8 thoughts on “Dad

  1. Incident two? I hope some day to be like him. I’m already the guy at family events that will say things and everyone looks at me and is either thinking “I’m glad someone said it,” or “Where the hell did that come from?” And remember, more than likely, one day you’ll be just like your mom ;)

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