Interview tips (for interviewers)

Yes, after reading countless interview tip web pages written by interviewers for interviewees, I decided that I should do out one for interviewers, because trust me some of the ones I come across need one. #1 – Waiting Sure I don’t mind waiting if I turned up early. And I know unexpected stuff happens at […]

Couples on trains, lost tourists and cab drivers

My mind is all over the place tonight. Well it has been that way for most of the day. I have been in a zombified sate due to my sleep problems. So here are some thoughts that popped into my head today. #1 – If I have a choice on the train to sit next […]

Patience level: Dalai Lama

No I am not at that ultimate Zen state of mind yet, but I think I’m on track. I have definitely mentioned this before. I do feel like an ungrateful child complaining but the thing about parents the older they get the crazier they get. And not always in a good funny way. Living with […]

Just life

Well thought I need to just write a general update post. The weekend’s been a bit full of ups and downs. Unfortunately a few more downs than ups. Firstly, the job that I previously mentioned that I got, well ever since I accepted the offer, they kept telling me they were preparing the employment agreement […]