Job hunt update

The job hunting situation has finally started to look up. Well it’s not totally promising but I have gone for a couple of interviews and have one more tomorrow. Today’s interview was really interesting. Firstly I think it didn’t go very well because they were looking for sales staff and after doing corporate sales for about 3 years I know for sure that I don’t want to do that. And the other position they were looking to fill, the guy said I don’t have as much experience. That was the other reason the interview was interesting. The guy interviewing me. He was gorgeous. Definitely the best looking interviewer I have met. Possibly the best looking male human being I have ever met. In person that is. And he had an accent. It wasn’t in my top few favourite sounding accents, but I’ll take it. Seriously when he was explaining what the company does, I had to try very hard to focus. All that was going through my head was god he looks good. When I was kind of certain he wasn’t sure if he should hire me, I was contemplating asking him if he needs a PA or secretary, I could definitely do that job :p. Does that make me sound shallow? Well I don’t care, I am only human :D.

Anyway the most interesting thing about this interview was that I thought it didn’t go so well but the HR lady called to offer me a position. I didn’t see that happening. Not sure what I do now. I will go for me interview tomorrow first before deciding I guess.


7 thoughts on “Job hunt update

  1. Congratulations! Things sure are looking up for you.. :) and no, I would have thought the same thing, offering to be his PA/secretary/tea boy… :)

  2. Currently I’m working a job that allows me to pay rent and buy things I like. Some day I might have the job I want, otherwise I have the life I desire, aside from 8 hours a day, five days a week. And it’s not so bad that I want to lynch myself. :P Congrats, Anita.

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