This came up in a conversation I had. I think what Facebook needs to do next is create filters or some sort of mechanism for single people. You know something that ensures that wedding, engagement, baby related posts do not show up on a single person’s news feed. I know I have complained about this before, but for some reason this weekend all I saw was photos or updates related to weddings and engagements. If Facebook had the option to block all this crap from appearing on my home page, I know I would use it. I mean come on if you were really that important and you get engaged/married/have a baby, I am sure I would hear about it outside Facebook. To top off my wedding update weekend, I got new that one of my cousin’s eloped. That was supposed to be my thing. I have been the one walking around telling everyone my dream wedding would involve eloping and very, very few people aside the bride and groom. I should be happy for her but now it’s like lost its novelty. On the other hand, I feel like its the universe giving me yet another reality check. It’s telling me, please, this whole marriage thing and you is not going to happen so just shut up and be happy that it happened the way you think is ideal for someone you know. Somehow of late it seems like dreams that I have seem to be happening to other people I know. Maybe I am living someone else’s dream of having no life, no career/job, no money and no love, who knows? Anyway let’s see what happens, in the meantime, I am waiting for that new Facebook setting to be developed.


4 thoughts on “Facebook

  1. Haha. I’m past the getting married posts now. It’s done. My friends are hitched. It’ll be about a year before the baby posts, so we’ll see what happens. Just keep pushing to make your dreams happen :)

    • Thanks, I am working on it. You are lucky you are done with those. I still have a couple of years to go I think, worse yet, I think I will have to attend a few of these weddings :p

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