Love apple

While playing QuizUp, I got reminded that tomatoes are also known as love apples. Naturally I started wondering why, and at that point I could have googled it but my brain gave me another logical explanation. Tomatoes can be squished and smashed just like someone’s heart when they are in love/have feelings involved. A regular apple, is a bit hard to squash but a love apple is way more fragile. Its fairly cynical but hey what more would you expect from someone who’s playlist seems to have songs like Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn or Kodaline’s Talk on repeat these days.  That’s probably not the actual etymology for that phrase but I think it makes sense so just had to post my thought. That’s it for now. Bye.

PS. QuizUp forms a large part of my life these days (sad I know) so if anyone else is on it and wants to play a game or 2 with me, let me know. :p


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