The lonely art

I think that being single is a bit of a skill or art, wouldn’t you agree? I was thinking about all my friends who are married or in relationships. And I realised that most of them have been in a relationship since like 18 or 19. They may not be married to the person they were dating at 19, but there are a number of them that just move from one relationship to the other with little or no gaps in between. The few weeks or months they are part of singledom, I remember being by their side with a few packs of tissues. Then they go into the phase where they proclaim that being single is awesome and about 5 minutes later, they tell me they met someone. Following which they semi disappear from the face of the planet. Basically what I am saying is that there are some people who can’t handle not being in a relationship. They seem very afraid of being single for some reason, yet have no problem telling me, you don’t know how lucky you are to be single with no commitment. And no I don’t really have a point to this post, it just dawned on me that not everyone is equipped to be single let alone chronically single. Sure I can’t put this on my resume, but it makes me feel a bit better about myself. While ideally I would like to meet someone and the works, I know that if anything I can handle being by myself, no matter how lonely it might feel. It’s not that bad at the end of the day. In other news, it’s April, Q1 of 2014 is over and I have nothing to show for it. My current state of no life, no love, no job, no money does suck but I just have to believe that I am supposed to be at this place and time for some reason. The world will be a scarier place if I stop believing that.


6 thoughts on “The lonely art

  1. An “Art” wow! Hehe i’ve never thought of that. I’m single too because i’m not the type you’re talking about, because i find difficult to jump over my last relationship. Eventhough, it doesn’t bother, i think it came in the peefect time owing to my situation right n

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