Job hunt update

The job hunting situation has finally started to look up. Well it’s not totally promising but I have gone for a couple of interviews and have one more tomorrow. Today’s interview was really interesting. Firstly I think it didn’t go very well because they were looking for sales staff and after doing corporate sales for […]


This came up in a conversation I had. I think what Facebook needs to do next is create filters or some sort of mechanism for single people. You know something that ensures that wedding, engagement, baby related posts do not show up on a single person’s news feed. I know I have complained about this […]

Love apple

While playing QuizUp, I got reminded that tomatoes are also known as love apples. Naturally I started wondering why, and at that point I could have googled it but my brain gave me another logical explanation. Tomatoes can be squished and smashed just like someone’s heart when they are in love/have feelings involved. A regular […]

Movies everyone loves, but I don’t see why

Unemployment has left me in a not so great frame of mind so I have decided to do a little movie review here to keep myself occupied. So here are some movies that people seem to really love and while I find them good, I don’t think they deserved as much hype as they got. […]

How are you?

Its a question that’s both important and pointless at the same time don’t you think? We seem to have been programmed to respond to that as a reflex action without thought. But if you stop and think about what your really answer would be sometimes the actual answer is so far from the “fine/good, how […]