Nice girls and nice guys

It came up in conversation yesterday. Nice guys supposedly finish last, and nice girls finish last too. So buy that logic the nice girls and nice guys should end up finding each other in the end. Unfortunately I am not sure it works that way. Nice guys from my observation, seem to end up with bitches (or unavailable for some other reason) and nice girls end up with cats (or maybe dogs). Another thing that came up was how even people in relationships seem to be able to find other people but those who are chronically single just never seem to meet anyone. I shouldn’t over generalise though, not sure if anyone else is as chronically single as me.  Why? What do should I blame it on? Extreme introversion? Social awkwardness? Bad luck? The universe toying with me? Who knows.


21 thoughts on “Nice girls and nice guys

  1. I’m a nice guy..that’s what I think and I don’t at all like the fact that nice girls end up with douches :P Another thing in my opinion is that nice girls and nice boys do find each other but yes I have to agree with you. Its the extremely social awkwardness and introversion that comes in between. But when that is passed, then voila.

  2. Yeah, pretty much the same for gay men. All the nice men are taken leaving the men who don’t want to commit left. Leftover nice gay men end up with pugs for some reason…

  3. Funny isn’t it? And I’ll raise you in the chronically single stakes ;) But I will say, I know a nice guy (who’s cute too!) who’s married to a nice, very plain girl who he worships, they are expecting there 2nd baby soon-so there’s hope! Nice guys are just a bit shy I think…..add that to nice girls being a bit shy and life gets a bit difficult LOL

  4. Mannnnn, this nice guy BS pisses me off to no end. There are just so many arguments I have heard and in the end I get told that they wish they had found someone like me earlier. Immaturity and stupidity are best friends.

  5. It’s like Chris Rock said: Women like men that are in relationships. I think the same thing applies for everyone. People in relationships seem more attractive than those that aren’t, and this is why single people have to struggle to find someone. I was with my last girlfriend for three years, and I was never hit on so much in my life (never strayed, of course). I’ve been mostly single for two years now, and I’m not hit on nearly as much.

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