My person

The title is a Grey’s Anatomy reference. My closest ally in the world watches it so I thought I would use that label for her. Yep it’s the cousin. She’s the only person in the entire world that has made me laugh out loud in public looking at my phone. I still laugh out laugh randomly thinking about some of our text/verbal exchanges. Yes like a crazy person, I know. From poking fun at the extended family to being a cafe hopping buddy to figuring out life, she’s not only always there, she gets my point of view, not to mention laughs at my jokes. Even indulging my momentary over confident delusional rants motivated by being single, like in the text exchange below. Just FYI if you are wondering what nosegay is, it’s an actual word meaning a small bunch of flowers, typically one that is sweet-scented. That’s just one of the many inside jokes we have. We’ll hopefully still be having crazy text exchanges at 58. What would I do without her?



9 thoughts on “My person

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