Feel like I just can’t catch a break with the universe. I am unemployed, don’t have a life and now am sick with something that feels really weird. Plus I want to go back to where I was about a month ago, I miss that feeling I had, though in hindsight I guess I was in denial. And I am feeling really lonely these days but I really shouldn’t. I have good people around me. The cousin, R, who is still constantly communicating with me despite being away on holiday; the old friend J, who is always up for a chat but is going through some crap at work now; fellow bloggers S and P who are also always make time to listen to my craziness too. I am very thankful to all of them.

The other thing on my mind is related to the wordpress stats page. I have noticed that I have views from Singapore that are not the cousin. It’s piqued my curiosity. I want to know who that person is and whether it’s someone I know. I guess though this is a mystery I might never solve. As I said, I just seem to be able to catch a break these days.


One thought on “Sad

  1. Hi Anita, am happy to hear you out anytime, whether good or bad, sad or happy. Understand your can’t catch the break thing. Really hope your sick weird feeling ends soon. My tooth still hurts after seeing the dentist, I think it has to be pulled out. The thing is, I was very sad about this thought of having to have it pulled out as I wore braces for 5 years, and having straight teeth is my only thing that I love looking in my face, and I fear it will become crooked after a missing tooth. :( So sad. It’s like, omg, why is the ‘universe’ ruining the thing that makes me most happy?? Oh well. Cheers.

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