Market failure

I woke up at 5am today and couldn’t fall back asleep, not sure why. Maybe it was the fever, or there’s something wrong with me. It’s probably the latter. Anyway since I was up, I decided to follow my mom to the market and help her carry groceries back. Bad mistake. Every 2 steps we kept running into neighbours/her friends, which was fine. But on seeing me there, they asked, what I am doing now. Before I could answer my mother would step in to explain how I came back in February and the works but somehow she shifts the conversation to how I am turning 28 this year and am not married and no where near getting married. Thanks mom. She might as well have been holding a loudspeaker/megaphone and announcing it to everyone there. Her exact words in one conversation was, “what’s the point of her doing her masters when she can’t find a husband or job”. The job part she added as an after thought. Also note the reference to me in third person, that’s how I was referred to even though I was standing right there. It was not a fun morning. I didn’t even get to buy Chwee Kueh home for breakfast because the stall was closed.


4 thoughts on “Market failure

  1. Argh. That must be awful! And I think getting a master (in a different country no less) is an absolute fabulous achievement. I don’t get why people see marriage as something to be ‘got’ you can’t make it happen you can only try your best-it’s not awarded on merit that’s for sure!

    • Yes I know right? Sighs. I think being indian/asian doesn’t help either, the older generation make me feel like I am reaching my “expiration” date.

  2. Men get asked about their career plans post-graduation whereas for women it is usually about our marriage plans. My own family members have said something similar to your mom as well – something along the lines of getting a higher degree to get access to higher quality men. I feel your pain with having to deal with these questions.

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