I am not going to go all academic or political here. If you want a more academic discussion of culture/society I will be happy to send you copies of my essays from last year, though I don’t think any of them had socialist societies as their main theme. Conversely  you can read a fellow blogger’s well written post here. I am just going to grumble about life and my thoughts based on my current unemployed status. I am sick, and I realised today that I don’t really have too many healthcare options based on my current no income status. That’s why I started thinking about socialism and unemployment benefits. I went to a public/government subsidised clinic. That I felt was my only option given my only source of income at the moment, as termed by brother-in-law is from the “daddy-loves-me-account”. I didn’t want to spend money that’s not mine on private consultation fees. Unfortunately my visit to the public clinic proved quite pointless. I had to spend I think about 2 and a half hours there, about 2 hours and 20 minutes of it just waiting. And the doctor was an idiot. One of the symptoms I was having was feel hot and feverish but we didn’t take my temperature. Just decided to prescribe mild medication and told me to come back if still felt sick. I feel worse now. The the visit costed me (well my dad) about $30 bucks. If had just gone private, I wouldn’t have to have spent half my life waiting plus I think I would be feeling better now. It would have costed me maybe $50 or a littl more.

Honestly I’m not in a place that is super dire financially because my dad is still working, and can support me. But then imagine the people that don’t have family support and living in here. If they lose their jobs or have to stop working for some reason, how would they survive? Yes there are some government assistance schemes but with the lack of socialism here I doubt they are enough to cover the basics let alone ensure proper healthcare should such needs arise. I grew up believing that a dole system or unemployment benefits is bad for society as it meant higher taxes and will breed people that abuse it for a free ride. Or at least that’s what I was told to believe. But what about people that genuinely need it? People that are unable to take part in the ugly rat race here, which is the only way to survive, due to their circumstances. What happens to them? Is it worth overlooking these people just to weed out the abusers and to maintain a better economy? Will there ever be a day here when people realise that being economically viable, while important is does not justify sacrifices such as ignoring society or humanity? A girl can dream I guess. Socialist systems or theories are not all perfect, but they aren’t bad either. And that’s just my personal opinion.


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