Given that I am currently actively contributing the 1.8% national unemployment rate, I am starting to notice the little things I used to take for granted back in the day when I used to have an income. Yes I know, 1.8% is really low unemployment, it should be fairly easy to get a job and it’s an “employees” market now. But I haven’t found anything. Maybe I just suck and that’s why no one want’s to hire me. Anyway back to the point, here are the following things I realise are more of luxuries that I got used to while working.

    • Coffee. Oh the love my life, how I miss you. You can’t get a freshly brewed cup of coffee here for under $5. If you got  a proper cafe, plus with whatever customisations I might want, it’s normally about $7 for a cup of coffee. I couldn’t afford to have a daily cup even when I was working. And though these days I still have my strong coffee cravings, the price seems to make me think twice about get a cuppa. Just have to stick with the disgusting freeze dried instant coffee for now. 

    • Shopping. I am not one of those people that shops excessively or needs branded items but I haven’t bought anything new in months now. I used to be able to go into a store see something I liked, and if the price was right, whip out my debit card and that was it,  instant retail therapy. I didn’t use to shop a lot but I used to buy myself like cheap earrings or accessories now and then. Now I walk into a store see earrings on sale and even if they are like $9, i just put them back, sigh and walk out of the store. I need like blinders when I walk through shopping centres or lanes. Window shopping is making me depressed.

    • Pedicures. Again I am not very high maintenance or anything, I just liked getting one every few months. But this one I can kind of live without.

    • Cooking/Baking. I like to experiment with cooking/baking, I enjoy it and it’s also a form of stress relief for me. It’s strange but it works for me. However with the lack of funds, I am limited with the ingredients I can play with, so it’s not that fun anymore.

    • Meet-ups. This is probably the hardest one. I am a lonely introvert with a very limited social life and a very small circle of friends. I still enjoy catching up with them, it makes me feel less well, alone and lonely. Yes I complain that I become the inadvertent 3rd wheel or that they give me a hard time about being single, but I do want to find out what’s going on in their lives and just hang out. The problem each of these meet-ups normally cost about $30-60 a night. That includes dinner, drinks and cab fare if it get too late for public transport. 


That’s just a handful of things I took for granted, I know all pretty much first world problems right? I just want some income like now, hopefully I have better luck with temp jobs, just started looking for them now. 


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