Desperate times

I was hit with a brilliant idea today after my parents hijacked the TV remote and switched to watching reruns of Tamil (it’s a language) soap operas. These are produced in the India and what I realised about the actors is that most of them look like anyone that could be walking down the street. So that got me thinking, maybe I should go to India and audition for one of those soaps. Maybe that way I can get a job. I can’t really act though, but having seen bits and pieces of the show, I don’t think that will be a problem. The 2 real issues 1 my ability to speak Tamil is not very fluent, it’s okay but not great. And number 2 unless I want to walk to India I don’t think having 22 bucks in the bank is going to get me there through the traditional modes of transportation.  I guess there goes the dream to be an international celebrity.


2 thoughts on “Desperate times

  1. So put together an audition video and send it to them along with some photo head shots. If they like what they see, they will pay to fly you there. It’s a stretch, granted, but if you really wanted it, why not try?

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