Introvert’s problem

2262014003748This post I saw online grabbed my attention. It was an post along with a few other nice sayings/quotes. The image is linked if you want to read the rest. Anyway, not sure if this just a problem for me or introverts in general. In my case, I want to make good meaningful connections with people. I have a couple of people in my life I am very open with but when you feel lonely, sometimes you wish you had more or are able to just go out and establish more. And maybe it’s because I am more risk averse and a bit more cautious than most. I always have my guard up. It’s paradoxical isn’t it? Wanting to find someone to open up to but refusing to let go and actually open up to anyone. Is that a bit of a selfish thing? Or just impractical?

I know there have been an over abundance of random posts laden with the “poor me” sentiment but I can’t help it. I’m bored and this is like one of my only avenues of release.



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