Latest Obsession

Okay I will try to make this the last mention of True Detective on my blog (for today). It’s my latest obsession. Anyway I heard this line again from the amazing character Det. Rustin Cohle. He says, “People incapable of guilt usually do have a good time”. I like that line because after hearing it my life and people around me make sense. I always find something to feel guilty about. Even as a kid, so yeah makes sense why I am a perpetual pessimist. Anyway, that show is amazing and the writer is now one of my answers to the question, “if you could invite any 10 people to a dinner party who would they be?”. I think so far I have 8 people on that list, maybe 9. But I am only sure about 4 of them, the rest are constantly changing.


2 thoughts on “Latest Obsession

  1. I’ve heard good things about True Detective.. Haven’t watched any of it though.. I must say that even though I am a pessimist, I rarely feel guilty about things… I do definitely feel regret a lot though…

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