My mind

I was bored. I guess that image sums up an introvert. These days though, maybe because I don’t have a job and am bored, it’s starting to feel extra lonely or alone not having anyone to share the craziness that happens in my head. Which is kind of ironic cause seem to be wishing I was living on my own. I can’t explain it, I felt less lonely when I was living alone. I am so confused, I have started actually decided to voluntarily stop eating junk/comfort food, though that’s adding to my frustration. I seem to be dreaming more of coffee and ice-cream a lot these days. I need to start stocking up on non-fat yoghurt and pretending its ice cream again. I used to do it, not sure it’s very effective though. This post has no point, I am just losing it sending out job applications everyday.


3 thoughts on “My mind

  1. OK, so great minds think alike. I can’t believe we both found and used the same graphic at the same time. I actually wrote the post last evening and scheduled it for today, so what were you doing in my head? :)
    I hope the job thing comes through for you soon.

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