Unsolicited advice

As I lay in bed contemplating life and trying to kick off the spider that seems to have Velcro-ed itself to my foot, I realise that there definitely needs to be a quota for the number of people who are allowed to give you unsolicited advice. In an ideal world it should just be 2, your parents. I think they are the only people who qualify to provide unwarranted words of wisdom that you will eventually realise you should probably listen to but are too stubborn or proud to admit. But unfortunately in life you come across more people that feel compelled to share their insights and give you “constructive criticism”. Some of them you are okay with because they come from people that you consider a mentor or hold in similar regard as a parent, an aunt or teacher perhaps.  And they sometimes come from older siblings that think that because they were born about 5 minutes before you were, have vast amounts of life experiences that you are lucky to have access to. But I have tackled the older sibling issue before so an not going to get into it again. The most annoying unrequested advice comes from idiots though. People who think they have you all figured out but actually have no clue. These people, in my opinion, tend to judge others quickly and tend to have a parochial view of the world. They also are those that usually do not think before they speak. I mean why? Here I am happily (kind of) going about my day, when I get some crappy piece of advice about something that I wasn’t really worried about initially, but now that it’s been brought up, I start reassessing my entire life. Now if you really knew me, you would know that if I don’t really come to you with my life’s problems than I don’t really want advice from you. If I did, you would know. And come on, you are giving me “answers” but is your life so perfect that I should listen to you? The thing I notice about unsolicited advice givers, if you decide to return the “favour”, they usually either get defensive or don’t take it very well. Basically they can dish it but not take it. So that’s going to be my solution to shut them up the next time someone tries to randomly advise me. Hope it works. 


5 thoughts on “Unsolicited advice

  1. I wrote a Cease and Desist letter last year when I was being bombarded with unwanted counsel.

    What can you do? Just smile, thank them, and do what you want. Take what they say into consideration, but know that you have different outlooks on life and personalities and what works for them, won’t work for you.

    When it’s especially annoying, like when one of my friends was urging me to join an online dating site, I turned the tables and asked why doesn’t she Join one. “I don’t have problems with men asking me out,” she replied back looking insulted. This unsolicited advise comes from their feeling of superiority over us.

    As the eldest sibling, I’ll just stay away from that linked post, lol.

  2. Unsolicited advice is the worst. Luckily I’m apparently so scary no one tends to even try it on me and if they do I must have such an epic bitch face they forget what they were even trying to say ;)

  3. Yeah everyone has a hold or view of what is best on how to live one’s life, not knowing it can be different for everyone.

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