It’s here, the 2nd and shortest month of the year. It’s also the loneliest month of the year in my book. I know a lot of people find it hard to be alone or single around the holidays in December but I feel like February is worse because it has, you guessed it, that one day where you feel like there’s something wrong with you for being single. And it’s not just that one day. I mean if you could go to bed on the night of the 13th and wake up on the 15th, the problem will not go away. The whole lead up to it sucks.

I have to brace myself. The thing is, everywhere you look, there’s red or pink hearts, roses, chocolates, champagne and all other cliche Valentine’s stuff. You can’t escape it, it’s everywhere you look. Walking through shops you get reminded that there’s no one to buy you any of the stuff they’re promoting for Valentine’s day. You could buy it for yourself, but would that make things any less sadder? At the movies, they will have all the special lovey-dovey releases. It’s like all this crap comes out in February making you feel extra lonely and miserable. Even at work previously, I remember all my colleagues, getting roses, balloons or chocolates delivered to their cubicles from their significant other. I had to smile and nod during lunch, while listening to their brilliant plans. And I bet you, you wouldn’t be able to get on the train without seeing flowers and happy coupley people everywhere on the way home from work. Okay so I sound like the Valentine’s equivalent of a Grinch but hey if people get to rub it in my face how much they love that day, it’s only fair I get to let them know how much it sucks if you’re single.

This year, given that I am most likely going to be at home since my job hunting hasn’t been very successful, I think I should be a little better insulated from the celebrations. I am going try really hard to stay away from conventional social media as well. On regular days, for some unfathomable reason, people feel the need to declare their undying love on Facebook so can you imagine your newsfeed on the 14th? I could have a Single Awareness Day party or get together as suggested by another fellow blogger but unfortunately, it has happened. I am the only single person left among my friends. So it’ll just be a party by myself. But seriously, February is a short month as it is, could we skip the first couple of weeks and just make it a little shorter? Would anyone really notice?


5 thoughts on “February

  1. I say just be your own valentine. Buy yourself chocolates and eat them all yourself.. :) I struggle with the dreaded day too, it’s all that red, nauseates me… :)

  2. Ugh I hate valentines day. Hate, hate, hate. I was in Russia for it last year…….I thought that would be better but actually I think Russians are nauseatingly worse then here at home, what with all the guys I saw rushing about with flowers, couples kissing on the escalator (um ew) and/or the metro and holding hands whilst walking in the snow. Did I mention I hate valentines day?

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