Love songs

There’s a new song (it’s not that new) that i am semi-obsessed with since I first heard it. I go into these crazy frenzies where I listen to the same song on repeat state from time to time. I had that with Fact-Fiction which I posted about earlier. Mostly I do it with the more emotional songs, rarely with (not sad) love songs. I’m sure almost everyone that’s not living under a rock has heard the song by now, it’s John Legend’s All of Me. In the event you have been living under one, I’ve included the video below.

It’s a beautiful song really. And before I heard this, the only love song that I made sure came up regularly on my playlist was Halo (by Beyonce, in case you didn’t know that). Funny things, I would have thought being chronically single, I couldn’t appreciate love songs. I mean I hate reading romance novels and do avoid the super romantic movies (e.g. The Notebook, P.S. I love you). Disclaimer: I  do watch a fair bit of romantic comedies, that’s different category in my head. Back to my point, being single doesn’t seem to stop me from listening to love songs. Maybe it’s because most nice songs that come out are love songs and I don’t really have a choice. Maybe listening to them is a subconscious way to keep the hope that I won’t die alone alive. But on the other hand, there are times when listening to them seems to reinforce loneliness. Its like when they come up on my playlist its a way of the universe mocking my seemingly permanent single status. Basically as nice as some are, and though I do like listening to them, I am not sure how I feel about love songs.


7 thoughts on “Love songs

  1. Are there actually songs about things other than love/heartbreak? I like that song too. My favourite though is Video Games (Lana Del Rey), although it also makes me cranky-only worth living if somebody is loving you, really? I don’t think so Lana.

    • I thought there were but now that I’m trying to name a few examples and can’t think of any, hmm. Anyway, I haven’t heard that Lana Del Rey song but will check it out.

      • I thought so too until I started listening to the actual lyrics….lemme help you out-I think Holiday by Green day is a political statement not a heartbreak/love song ;)
        Do check it out! Give it some time to grow on you though…..I hated it at first….love it now! It’d be my wedding dance song if I ever got married LOL
        I like diet mountain dew (also Lana Del Rey) too.

  2. I love “Video Games.” Heaven is a place on Earth with you, so beautiful. “Lullaby” by the Dixie Chicks is pretty sweet as well.

    “Wake Up Alone” by Amy Winehouse is my favorite because I can relate to most of the lyrics without ever having love:

    It’s okay in the day I’m staying busy
    Tied up enough so I don’t have to wonder where is he
    Got so sick of crying
    So just lately
    When I catch myself I do a 180
    I stay up clean the house
    At least I’m not drinking
    Run around just so I don’t have to think about thinking
    That silent sense of content
    That everyone gets
    Just disappears soon as the sun sets

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