Table for 1

I used be very conscious of dining out alone. So much so that I would always take away meals back home or to my desk at the office. But I’m kind of starting to get used to eating out alone. I still haven’t graduated to the level that I’ve gone out for a proper dinner alone and am not sure I ever will. And I have to be honest I think so far there’s only been 2-3 times that I actually planned a solo meal. The rest of it has been more out of necessity rather then choice. Like now, here in this quaint little cafe in Sydney. I think it’s part of a chain but it’s a nice cafe nonetheless,with a great ambience and even better (emo) playlist (not to mention the fairly good looking guy sitting straight ahead in my direct line of vision). I’m sitting here because I’m trying to kill time waiting for my friend who was I was supposed to meet at 4.30 but unfortunately due to her flight being delayed will only be here at 8. And okay fine, if I was so used to eating out alone, I wouldn’t exactly be staring at my phone, writing a blog post. But in my defence, there’s only so long you can stare outside the window analysing people and traffic along Pitt Street.

In all seriousness, I still get a bit anxious when I’m eating out alone, though it’s starting to feel normal. And I don’t think I could do it without my phone, the little box that makes me feel safer and less awkward in social settings. This worries me a bit because one of the things in my bucket list is to go on a holiday alone. I’ve even started shortlisting places. However (I feel like I’ve used “but” too many times in this post =p), imagine if I spend that whole trip staring at my phone or looking at the sights through the screen trying to get a good instagram picture. Today’s phones/mobile technology are, in my opinion anyway, an anti-social introvert’s bestfriend. I guess though sometimes, as in all friendships/relationships, it’s good to spend some time apart so that you don’t become to dependent. Logically, next stage in my table for 1 adventures will be to purposely go out and dine alone without my phone. That sounds a little extreme though. Maybe with my phone but it’ll just stay in my bag. Yep, baby steps, sounds a little better.


9 thoughts on “Table for 1

  1. Hey Anita! I think there’s another blog post in there for both of us, about how the internet lets us feel connected – and yet we still feel alone! I’m not that connected – my phone just makes calls and texts, no ‘net. But I still look to it in awkward situations. I text my brother when I’m out alone, even though he’s working. I text friends who are usually busy. Now, I text Twitter. Anything to feel like I’m connecting with someone, somewhere. While I sit alone. =P We need to put the ‘net away, and enjoy our lives for themselves. I hope to do that too someday, lol.

  2. I sometimes fiddle with my phone when feeling awkward, if you go on holiday maybe compromise: take your phone but leave it in the safe at the hotel at least once or twice so you can see the place through your own eyes.

  3. Thank you for following my blog and ‘liking’ my post.
    I can relate to what you say here. Although, I actually found it easier to eat out alone when I was travelling. I’d just sit and read. It was possibly a help because then the locals realised I was a tourist and couldn’t speak their language when they saw my book. I even began to enjoy eating out alone. However, back home I wouldn’t even contemplate it. Even when left at a table momentarily I always find myself turning to my phone: a barrier between myself and the outside world, maybe.

    • That’s true, I’m a semi-tourist here in Australia so that’s probably why it feels a little bit easier to dine alone. I need to do it more back in Singapore.

  4. Haha, I’m exactly the same. My friends are always tardy, sometimes I’m waiting for them for up to an hour in a mall/coffee shop 5 minutes away from where they live. Despite this having happened so many times, I still feel awkward waiting at a coffee shop by myself.

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