Love songs

There’s a new song (it’s not that new) that i am semi-obsessed with since I first heard it. I go into these crazy frenzies where I listen to the same song on repeat state from time to time. I had that with Fact-Fiction which I posted about earlier. Mostly I do it with the more […]

Déjà vu

I know i’ve posted on this before but I cannot get over how depressing job hunting is. It’s really a test of how long you can keep your morale in tact and be optimistic. For me I think it’s about 2-3 months, after that, like what I’m feeling now, it’s a downhill trajectory. When I […]

Table for 1

I used be very conscious of dining out alone. So much so that I would always take away meals back home or to my desk at the office. But I’m kind of starting to get used to eating out alone. I still haven’t graduated to the level that I’ve gone out for a proper dinner […]

Hopeless romantic

Of late, one more person had taken a really keen interest (is there such a phrase? keen interest?) on my marital status or singleness if you can call it that. And no unfortunately it’s not a tall, dark guy trying to change my current status. It’s my sister’s mother-in-law. I don’t know her very well […]

Highest birth (dis)order

Older siblings are an interesting bunch wouldn’t you say? Particularly those who are the oldest in the family, thus sometimes known as being the highest birth order. If you have read up about them, you would have read that they are typically very self assured, natural go-getters or high achievers, confident and responsible. And I […]