Don’t stop believing

I don’t really sing. Mostly because I can’t. I’m pretty sure I am a little tone deaf. Basically, imagine the sound a cat would make if you stepped on it. That sound would probably be more in tune and pleasant than my singing. I have however started singing in public. And not in a group either, I am not caroling or something. I sing solo.  I didn’t really realise I was doing that until my brother-in-law mentioned it . And no I haven’t totally lost it. I sing mostly to distract my nephew when he gets a bit whingey. His favourite songs include, this old man, baa baa black sheep and of late don’t stop believing by journey. And he just likes the don’t stop believing part. Not sure if it actually makes him happy or he is just laughing at my lack of singing ability. I have to say though, it’s not too bad. Singing that same few lines of that song (the don’t stop believing, hold on to that feeling, street lights people, woah-oooh-oh part), repeatedly, kind of gets me in a mood where my hope is restored if only just for a bit. And singing in public has also made me not care what other people thing. I’ve sang with my on a flight surrounded by business people, at various shopping centres in canberra, airports and most recently at a temple, and who cares what the people around thing. I probably won’t ever see them again in my lifetime. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to go audition for the next season of the voice, x factor, idol or whatever the latest popular talent show is, but it’s fun singing. I used to be so conscious of it, and frankly a little insecure, but now, not so much.

In other news, I would just like to wish everyone who managed to reach this part of this post a very merry christmas. Hope you all have a great time celebrating surrounded by loved ones, laughter and great food. If you are spending this christmas alone for some reason, (you can always do what I do and watch Love Actually for like the umpteenth, probably like 28th for me, time) I do hope its still filled with joy and good food (and a considerable amount of wine).  Happy holidays everyone :).


5 thoughts on “Don’t stop believing

  1. A very Merry Christmas to you Anita, I love your blog and relate to you very well…. 2014 is a bright New Year for us all, light and love to you xx

  2. P.S…. I watched ‘Love Actually’ for probably the 30th time last night… gets better each time I watch it. HUGZ S. xoxoxo

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