Given the greenlight

Given that it’s Friday the 13th, I thought I would write about superstitions or particularly astrology today. You see, being of Indian/Hindu heritage, people of my parent’s generation tend to be pretty superstitious and consult astrologers on many issues about their and their family’s future. I shouldn’t over generalise here, but as far as I know aside from my parents, most of my aunties and uncles, and all my Hindu friends’ parents seem to have a disturbing amount of faith in astrologers. They consult them on a lot of things, like what to name babies, when to change jobs, when to get married, who to marry and anything else you can think of. I can’t say I am not superstitious at all. I do glance over the horoscope section of newspapers or magazines to see what is in store for Virgos that day, week or month. I don’t plan my life around it though. And I used to have a lucky pen which I made sure I had on me whenever I had a “big day”. I still have that pen, but I had an argument with one of my friends that gave me that pen so don’t really like it anymore =p.

Anyway, over the years, my parent’s have gone to see many popular and supposedly accurate con artists astrologers. Now I have heard a lot of strange things about my life and future from different ones. Last weekend though, my parents went to see one really “good” one that said the strangest thing of all. In terms of my future partner (no surprise that they asked about me and marriage), I have to look out for the guy wearing the green shirt (I’m translating). When they first told me that I was like, is that metaphor or something, but it wasn’t. Even my parents who take astrology seriously were laughing their heads off at how ridiculous that guy sounded. Unfortunately for me, even though it’s funny, I’m sure my mom will be looking out for guys in green shirts. Though if the green shirt is in the form of an army uniform, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing I guess. I do like a man in uniform =p. My dad on the other hand is going to keep this green shirt thing in his arsenal of dad humour jokes and will definitely use it for the next couple of years at least. Whenever he sees someone in green, I am sure to hear some lame attempt at humour from him. Their visit to the astrologer wasn’t all bad though. He has bought me some time. He told my parents that if I am to get married, I have to do it by next June or after 2017. I know that even my mom, as optimistic as she is, knows I won’t get married by next June even if I meet someone tomorrow. Hence, I can (hopefully) keep my parents off my case until 2017 quoting what this clown said.


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