Thanks universe!

I was reminded today by the greater forces at work of a life lesson that I have previously learnt but sometimes forget. You see I have been having a string of bad days the last 3-4 days. Hence this morning I was at the point where, I thought to myself, things just can’t get any worse. Big mistake. I should have known better and I was reminded of that while changing my nephew’s diaper. I got to the point where I got the tabs off and was trying to get the lid of the nappy bin up. He was for some reason really excited  today on the change table and inadvertently, in a split second, managed to kick the loaded diaper on to my arm. Yes, I got poop on me. In that moment, as grossed out as I was, I kind of realised I needed that. The universe was telling me to never underestimate it. Sometimes though its doesn’t seem possible, things can get, figuratively or in my case literally, shittier.


3 thoughts on “Thanks universe!

  1. Sounds delightful. I quiet often have sheep snot on my sleeves if that makes you feel better-I’m apparently very nice ovine nose scratching device :)

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