Fair dinkum farewell

I am starting with a disclaimer (mostly for at Vanessa cause I know she’s from here :p). I know what fair dinkum means and the context it’s used in. I know the title isn’t the best use of the phrase but it sounded nice so I left it as it is.

Okay so now I can start the actual post. I am leaving Australia, in less than 3 weeks. I am trying not to think about it but the days seem to be flying by and I starting to get depressed. I have tried (and am still trying) all kinds of ways (legal ways, if any immigration officers are taking note) of staying but Australia just doesn’t want me. Oh well I have to come to terms with it. And its not like I’m going back to a war-torn country or something. I am going back to Singapore, where some of my family and friends still are. Singapore is not too bad a place to live (I am trying to convince myself of that anyway). Anyway, here’s a list of things I’m going to miss about Australia/Canberra.

#1: People

I met a lot of good people here. And with my Uni being as international as it is, aside from Australia I met and became friends with people from various countries. I am very sure I’ll never see some ever again cause they live half way around the world. Other than the friends I made, I will miss the people in Australia in general. Australians are a very friendly lot and especially in Canberra, I find people very nice and open minded. I have lived in Brisbane before and have visited other Australian cities so am comparing Canberra to that. 

#2: Coffee Houses

With reference to my earlier post, I love the little quaint, non-chain coffee shops that you can find it almost ever corner in Canberra and probably the rest of Australia as well. I used to  be a huge fan of Starbucks, but I have lost it for that brand. I am not sure my caffeine fixes will be quite the same when I’m back in the place that celebrates large chains like Starbucks, The Coffee Bean, Tully’s or Gloria Jeans that sell coffee for nearly $10 per cup. I’m going to miss my usual haunts here in Canberra – Degree Cafe on Campus, Good Brother at Dickson, 2 before 10 at Civic, Adore Tea at Gold Creek and of course my latest love, Lonsdale St Roasters at Braddon. 

#3: Space

I love that I don’t have to fight for my own personal space over here in Canberra. Coming from a tiny island cramped with 5 million people, I really enjoy low population density here. Everything is just so much better with space. And I find it strange that I some how feel less alone here in where the population is so well spread out than in Singapore where we are all squashed together in a tiny space.

#4: Nature

I have to be honest here, I am not a big outdoorsy, camping in the woods type of person at all. However I like the fact that when you look out the windows here you see trees, mountains, a creek, ducks, or possibly even a stray kangaroo now and then. Do you know what you see when you look out a window in Singapore? Another window or building. I find it so funny that one of the newest nature park attraction’s icon are its giant artificial trees. We need to manufacture nature. Doesn’t anyone else think it’s sad and is not something to be celebrated?

The weather, which I am going to classify under nature as well, is something I am going to miss. I like the mild/sub temperate climate in Canberra. Yes there are days when I wish the weather was better but for the most part, the weather here is beautiful. I only understood what good weather is after coming to Australia. In Singapore, the tropical climate means it’s hot and humid all year round. I know to some people that sounds like a dream, but I really dislike humid weather. You can’t take 2 steps without sweating a bucket load.

The list can probably go on to 100 or more but I am going to end it off with number 5 for now.

#5: The nephew

Of all the great things about Australia and Canberra, the best has been being near my new nephew. He’s a cute little thing (I’m biased, I know) and I have enjoyed spoiling and cuddling him more than I honestly thought I would. Though it can be a little challenging dealing with an infant, all he has to do is laugh at a stupid face I make at him and all seems good with the world. In fact I wasn’t sure I wanted to have kids of my own until now. I just wish I had someone to have them with in a few years to come. Who would have thought that the first guy to have my heart would be one who has spit up on me several times. Not sure how I’m going to deal with being away from this little one but I will figure something out.


6 thoughts on “Fair dinkum farewell

  1. LOL I spend time around farm workers-most australians can’t understand what they’re on about. And I admit to an embarrassing amount of inappropriate use of the word crikey. Makes most tourist day anyway :) I have an old cottage here if you’d like to hide out in your quest to stay in Aus ;) All I ask in return is that you feed the chooks. It’s funny isn’t it? I always knew I wanted kids, when my niece was born I thought she was okay but I didn’t want to hold her (mostly out of fear my sister would lynch me for looking at her funny….) and as she’s gotten older she’s made me question the whole kid having biso….she’s a proper brat :) But it is always different with your own and I do tend to get all maternal over baby animals so, yeah, without my hurricane of a sister at the helm maybe things would’ve been different.
    PS Have you looked into Canada? If you’re on the skilled workers list you should be able to get in?

    • Hey Vanessa, thanks for offering to provide a hiding place. I was contemplating flying back and rowing a boat back here but I can’t even do that anymore :D. And I have checked out Canada and looked at Scotland too. But i have gotten so sick of pouring over immigration websites, I have decided to take a break for now. Will start again next week.

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