Putting the pro in procrastinator


More confessions, I’m guilty of being all the above except the napper and the delegator. The cleaner in me only come out this year. I hate cleaning and stuff but somehow every time I had tests, exams or deadlines my room was immaculate. It’s sad really, I told myself before starting my masters that I’m older  and wiser (not so sure about the latter though), so I will not procrastinate as much. However as the academic year progressed, I kept telling myself that it’s okay, I work better under pressure anyway and just managed to find a way to justify procrastinating. Now that is a sign of commitment to procrastination :D.


3 thoughts on “Putting the pro in procrastinator

    • Haha you might pick it up next year when you start uni =D. Then again, you probably have better self discipline than me so maybe not. I’m not much of a social sharer but I do occasionally blog about it so I think that counts =p.

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