In love

Ever meet someone that you cannot stop thinking about? Just one encounter, and you want them in your life forever. Everything about them just feels so right. All you do for the rest of the day is wonder when you will encounter them again. Thinking about their unassuming beauty, the gentle warmth you felt when you touched and the unforgettable way they smelt. Yes, I think I’m in love. I had the best cup coffee in my life this morning. Now if you know me, you know that after water, coffee is probably the beverage the consume the most. It isn’t the healthiest drink the world, but I can never say no to a good cup of coffee. Basically, not to sound arrogant but I am pretty confident that when I find a cup of coffee good, it’s good.  Now here’s the disclaimer, I like strong, not too milky, extremely aromatic brews. I don’t like weak, milky coffees i.e. lattes are not my thing.

I had this cuppa at Lonsdale  Street Roasters (LSR). It is a quaint but comfortable, non-pretentious cafe near Canberra’s city centre. It was pretty crowded, Australian’s know their coffee. But most were taking away a cup to work and service was really quick for those dining in. Their service really good too. The only other places with that good service for a cafe in Canberra is 2 before 10 or Good Brother. Those cafes have good coffee too, but LSR wins hands down. I cannot say enough about how good the coffee tasted. When I got the coffee it looked pretty standard like an ordinary flat white, nothing special. When I took a sip though my world changed. Everything was just so right about that coffee that it felt kind of wrong to be drinking it. A beverage should not taste this good and be able to give someone so much pleasure. This cup of coffee is the cup of coffee I will be measuring all future coffees I drink against. I was barely half way through the my cup and I was thinking about getting a second cup. I didn’t get a second cup though, decided i didn’t want to risk being on a caffeine high. And it just cost A$3.50. Just $3.50 to get your mind blown, so if you are ever in the Canberra/ACT region, do visit this cafe. The food’s not too bad too. My only regret is that I am flying off in a month. If I have known about this place earlier, I would have definitely frequented it while I was here. I’m already planning a second (and possibly third and forth visit) in the coming weeks.


Sadly, I don’t think I have ever felt the way I felt about this cup of coffee about a guy. Anyway, thinking about love has reminded me of one of my favourite Shakespeare quotes and so I’m going to end this post with that.

“Love can transpose to form and dignity.
Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind.
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.
Nor hath Love’s mind of any judgment taste—
Wings and no eyes figure unheedy haste.
And therefore is Love said to be a child,
Because in choice he is so oft beguiled.”
 – William Shakespeare, A midsummer night’s dream.

20 thoughts on “In love

  1. Some day you’ll find your coffee man. Think you’ll tell him that? “Finally, the man I feel as strongly about as I do my coffee.” Enjoy your final weeks of amazing coffee! Hope you can find something similar in Singapore.

    • Haha thanks Paul. I am not sure if i’ll tell him, but I will definitely bring him back to the cafe in Canberra. Hopefully the cafe is up and running then. Might be a while at the rate i’m going. Unfortunately, I don’t think i will find a similar place in Singapore. Singapore’s coffee culture favours well known international chains and loves pretension over taste and service. But I will try and find something :)

  2. I really wish I liked coffee, but I don’t. Shameful I know. I don’t like beer either, but don’t tell anyone or they may revoke my citizenship ;) Are you flying out for good or are you coming back?

    • No a coffee person, I can accept but a non-beer drinking Australian? You are the first one I know :D But I don’t drink beer either so can understand that. I’m most likely going to be going back for good. No wants to give me a job without the visa :p. I am trying one other regional visa thingy but that involves me taking an English test (IELTS) and getting some other stuff done which will cost me a bit. I might do that from Singapore though cause I don’t have enough time to get in done in four weeks :(.

      • Exactly, someone may want to do research on me one day ;) Bummer about your visa :( I don’t know if you’re interested but have you checked out canada? You can get a 1-2 year working visa if you’re under 31 and you can apply for permeant residence in the experience class if you have 1 year full time work within canada (which you’d get whilst on the working visa), just a thought you may not want to go to canada.

      • Thanks Vanessa, I will research Canadian visas. I never properly considered Canada just because it’s so far away but I might now.

      • Hmm I just checked and they don’t mention Singapore-maybe email them? I’d love to work and maybe even live in Canada, people seem to find it really weird when I say that but…….I just do :)

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