Comparing love

I know I post too many videos but this one was too awesome not to share. By the way are people over the age of like 23 allowed to use the word awesome? After typing it out, it sounds weird. I mean it is a legitimate word to be used but it just seems a little strange to use it. I’m going to leave it up there anyway. This video has 2 celebrities I love, Neil Patrick Harris (who doesn’t love him right?) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (I mean, I’d marry him, just saying). It’s a short skit/sketch about love and comparing it to different movie genres. Neil’s (yes we are on a first name basis) character, Jared’s, take on love, relationships and being alone is hilarious (and somewhat relatable).

Just as a warning/disclaimer, the video below contains some strong language.

That line, “Love is a slow, boring 40 year long slasher movie starring Matthew Perry, post-Friends” is great.

FYI, there is another (unedited) version of this video on YouTube in colour but it has a random woman interrupting them, so try searching for that if you want the full clip.


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