Don’t get the tissues out yet, you’ll probably cringe or roll your eyes when you find out what this is really about. You see, I am consciously trying to be less materialistic and I think I’m making progress there. However, I do have an unhealthy amount of attachment to some items I own. I think it’s a slight side effect of introversion but it might just be me. Don’t worry its not to the point of Jerry’s girlfriend in Boston Legal who had a relationship with objects. High five to those who got that reference. For those you who didn’t, its okay, I still love you. I might have loved you a little more if you got the reference though.

My point is, I miss my shoes. You see, the recent spate of presentations I have had to do reminded me of these pair of shoes I had. They were my “presentation shoes”. Those shoes had some sort of special power. The minute I put them on, I felt like I was ready to take on the world. I used them for all my presentations in Uni and when I had important events at work. They weren’t very special, they were pretty, black pointy pumps but they just had the ability to kick my confidence up a couple of notches (they hurt like hell after about 2 hours in them though). Anyway, I am talking about they shoes in past tense because, sadly, at the beginning of the year, after years of working their magic (I think bought them in 2005), they unfortunately had worn out and I had to…brace yourself…get rid of them.

Soon I’m going to have to get rid of something else I have gotten attached to. My favourite pair of jeans. I have used them longer than I should have and probably will still wear then a few more times. I don’t think I ever owned pair of jeans that I loved more. Everything about them was good, the colour, fit, length, style. Everything. But it’s time to face reality. They have got to go. Sad but true.

There is an upside to these farewells though. I really, really good upside. Shopping! And given the semester is ending, the timing is pretty good too. I just wish I have more money to go on a crazy shopping spree.


3 thoughts on “Goodbyes

  1. So you start the post by saying you want to be less materialistic and end it with shopping? ;) Threw out a lot of old clothes while moving. Some of it from middle school. Sad times. Enjoy your new shoes and jeans!

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