Murphy and Me

I think everyone is familiar with  Murphy’s Law, however some of us unfortunately have the misfortune to have a little more experience with it than others. I don’t think I fall into the former but I think I am pretty close to fitting into that group, especially in the last couple of weeks. I have had a fair few things go wrong which is frustrating but it some cases, can result in extreme embarrassment. Here is a sampling of a few of such moments recently.

Incident #1: The email

About a week or so ago, I, as usual had a number of tabs open in my browser. I like to think of it as multitasking but it’s more likely just getting easily distracted. Anyway, I suddenly remembered I had to email one of my lecturers, and so I did. The next day I saw that he replied my email with an interesting PS after signing off. He had said, “for the record, I think you do care. I was thinking what in the world is he going on about, then I realised I had sent him that email from the wrong email address. I had sent it from the email I had created as an angsty, emo teenage rebel which was, I still use the account to sign up for things and stuff but, I haven’t sent an email from that account in years.  And the next day, I had no reason to see that lecturer, but as life would have it, first person I ran into when I went to uni was him.

Incident #2: The crazy talk

Does anyone else ever think out aloud? And I don’t mind like randomly saying one word, I mean like in full sentences. You see, when I am say writing a paper (or a post on this blog), and I need to rationalise something or work out a logical way to phrase things. Hence I talk things out. Normally its a barely audible tone of voice that I use, accompanied by hand gestures, as if I were actually explaining something to someone else (I just can’t talk without using my hands). In essence if an average person saw me when I was doing this, it would look like I was talking (or whispering) to my imaginary friend who also had supersonic hearing, i.e. I would look like a crazy person. 

Last weekend, when I was working on a few assignments, I went down to do my laundry. My mind was totally on the paper I was working on though. I think you see where I am going with this. So the whole way down to the laundry room and back up I was sort of mumbling to myself what I was going to write and how I was going to write it. The way down was not too bad cause I was carrying a load of clothes so my hands were occupied. On the way up however I was doing my crazy mumbling with hand gestures and ran into my block mate on the stairs. When I caught his eye he had this look on his face like he was watching a horror show. I don’t know him very well or anything but this guys normally stops and say hello and exchange pleasantries, but this time he just looked like he was in shock (did I mention he’s pretty good looking too). The worst part was, I found the fact that I was “caught” doing something stupid funny, so I was semi nervous laughing while I said hi and ran past him to my room. I was mortified, but I haven’t stopped doing the talking thingy. I still do it, let hope I don’t get “caught” again. 

Incident one will probably go down as my most embarrassing/stupid moment in 2013. I hope I don’t do anything between now and the end of the year to top that. But with my luck, I wouldn’t bet against it.


9 thoughts on “Murphy and Me

  1. I wish sending an email from the wrong email address was my most embarrassing moment in a year. But a xxx email address?! ;) I’ll assume you’re just hiding your emo identity. I talk to myself too, though without hand gestures. And then, out loud, I’ll remind myself I’m talking to myself and I likely look insane. While at major industry shows. In the booths I’m supposed to be running. I was told there’s medication for it, but apparently it also stifled creativity. I can handle looking a little insane. Have an amazing day!

  2. I have so many emails I have trouble keeping them straight sometimes….I sympathize LOL
    As for talking out loud I do do that, but mostly I’ll be chattering away to an animal-which can make me look even more crazy ie ‘what do you think?’ pause ‘yeah me too’……….so yes I can often appear to be crazy :)

      • You would think that……….but pausing for their response and then continuing the conversation? Not so much……after all I really don’t think they have strong opinions on most of the things I talk about. I could be wrong of course ;)

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