Do possums attack?

There’s this possum that I have seen about 5-6 times when I walk back to my hall at night. It might be sightings of different possums which happened to be at the same place, but I think its the same one because it seems to recognise me. If you think that sounds like crazy talk, wait till you read the next post. I think this because the first time I saw it (I was walking back after watching the Phantom of the Opera), before I even realised it was there, it sort of scampered of into the bushes. At first I thought it was a weird looking cat, but then when it started going up a tree I realised it was a possum. Now the second time I saw it, it didn’t dart off. Instead it ran to like a safe distance and seemed watch me from there. This sort of kept happening, but each time the possum seemed to be less and less worried about me being there and keeping a shorter distance or “safety zone” away from me…… Until tonight. As I walked back I spotted the possum under a tree. I had to walk pretty close to where it was to reach the entrance of the hall, but guess what? It didn’t even care that I was there. It was so not afraid of me that I decided to walk closer to it then I needed to. But the happy little possum just went about doing what it was doing. I was so close that I could probably have bent down and picked it up if I had wanted to. They are incredibly cute. Not sure they make great pets though. I thought of taking a picture (for instagram of course, what else?) but then I started to wonder, do possums attack? What if it bit me and gave me rabies or something? Hence, being paranoid as usual, I decided to quickly but calmly back away and ran into the hall. Such is life right? The possum used to run away from me, and now I am running away from it. I did consider the possibility that the possum just got used to people in general, and I am not special. However, this possum lives on campus, its used to people all year round, therefore, it should have been used to people from the first time I saw it. And I don’t care what anyone else thinks, my reasoning is sound and logical, i.e. there is a possum living outside right now that knows me. Maybe we’ll become friends. Well I googled the title of this post and some say yes they do and others say they don’t? So which is it?


12 thoughts on “Do possums attack?

  1. That is so cute! Probably had to figure out if you were a belligerent drunk or not. If it had rabies it would have attacked. So more than likely it doesn’t. Still, please don’t get bit by them. As for the attacking, well that about sums it up. If you don’t burst what it considers its personal bubble, it won’t attack. I wouldn’t pick it up or anything, but your presence isn’t likely to make it jump and devour you. Picture might be a bad idea with the flash. They are nocturnal for a reason.

    • Hey Paul, thanks for the comment. Yes I thought of that too, that I shouldn’t encroach it’s space. But tonight, I decided to experiment and went really really close to it. One more step and I would have stepped on it. And it just didn’t care that I was in its personal space! I think in possum world, that means we are friends =p

  2. I can say with complete confidence that unless you A try to pick it up or B try to feed it it won’t hurt you, if it’s really tame it may try and climb you, which whilst not pleasant is certainly not life threatening ;). I ‘d say it’s pretty used to people maybe it’s even been fed a bit, not advised but people do it-I know someone who got bitten (by accident) whilst feeding a possum some apple pie…….yeah, IDEK. Plus we don’t have rabies in oz :)
    PS I read somewhere a couple a days ago that they have a new visa for graduates to make it easier to stay in oz for a few years, you probably already know about it but I thought I’d let you know just in case you don’t!

    • Hey Vanessa,
      Thanks for the possum info, I will take note the next time i run into it. And I have been trying to get a job here but it’s still a little tricky with the visa and stuff despite the new changes. Still keeping my fingers crossed though :)

      • no problems :) Bugger about the job though……..I thought with the new visa it didn’t even need to be a job related to your qualification? Or is it just that the job market is rubbish all round? I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you too!

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