Curiosity killed the introvert

I had to study some theories on personality and identity for one of my classes this week, and one of the things discussed were the personality tests. It got me thinking about my personality tests results over the years. I have done the 2 big ones, the DISC assessment and the MBTI one, administered by professionals. But did them when I was 16 and 17 respectively. I was a high C-S in the DISC test and an INTP in the other, which made sense, they have extremely similar character traits.

Out of curiosity I decided to re-do the tests and found a few online.  The DISC tests (I did a few of each just to make sure the results were the same), showed that I scored high on D and S with C being almost as high. My I score was unsurprisingly low. S and D are opposite constructs, so usually when one is high, the other is supposed to be low, but it my case they were both high. One of the website’s was nice and said I am likely to be “balanced” in both traits. I think its more of the opposite though. I think it’s more caused  by mental imbalance.

The MBTI tests yielded something similar. While all showed I was a very strong introvert (what a shocker), and a moderate P, and I seem to have evolved into a F from the T ten years ago, the S-N dimension was unclear. So basically I’m an INFP or ISFP.  In all honesty, reading up about the different traits and having studied it a little bit I think I would be closer to an INFP, and the notable INFPs listed on wikipedia, seem to be a little quirky or strange. A little strange I think pretty much sums me up well. But I can kind of see myself falling into ISFP too.

Basically, 2 things are clear to me from this. I am highly introverted, yes I know, doesn’t take a genius or a test to tell me that. Secondly, I may be having an identity (or personality?) crisis.  Or there is a third much more rational possibility. The over 7 billion individual personalities in the world, no matter how accurate or scientifically proven a study is, cannot be defined by a few broad dimensions. The world wouldn’t be such a interesting place if it was that simple. That’s a fairly logical conclusion. A very INTP kind of conclusion for an INFP to reach don’t you think? So which one is it? I think curiosity confused the introvert may be a more apt heading.

P.S. If anyone is interested in taking either of the test here are some links: DISC assessment or MBTI test.


6 thoughts on “Curiosity killed the introvert

  1. I went from an ISTJ in my 20s to a ESTJ in my 40s. Never thought I would grow out of introversion. If you are a true introvert, you can still talk to people but your alone time is precious and necessary to re-energize. Extroverts get their energy from being around people. As an “I” who crossed over to “E,” I still value my alone time to read, be quiet and get some energy.

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