Something exciting happened today. Well ok fine, it’s not that exciting. Lets start again. Something not-so-exciting-yet-i-am-amused-enough-to-mention happened today. I got 41 views on my blog. Based on the countries the views were from I think I know who is responsible for 7 of them, from Singapore. But based in the rest, someone seems to have really go through the blog. They even through all my past posts. So what I’m saying to the people out there in the wonderful world of cyberspace who is responsible for all the more than usual number of views, thank you for adding a little bit of excitement in my life and I hope you enjoyed the read.


3 thoughts on “Viewpoint

    • Hi Vanessa,
      Yes, I was really excited by getting views from Ukraine and Poland. Most of my views yesterday were from the US though. Still exciting :p

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