So I was watching a rerun of Everybody Loves Raymond the other day and something struck me. Well I have always related to one particular character in the series in some of the episodes. Guess who? It’s…..Robert. Got it right didn’t you? Your prize will be in the mail shortly. Anyway that particular episode I was watching, made me think a little deeper and that I have more in common with him than I originally thought. We both live with our parents. Well technically he moved out and I am not living with mine at the moment, but under normal circumstances I would be. But then again, my living-with-parents situation is more caused by the whole collectivist culture thingy rather than choice, so you might think it’s not that similar.  But lets dismiss the reasons that we live with our parents and get back to the point. The parallels between my life and Robert’s are, we both have to deal with living with our parents, we are both socially awkward, have siblings who seem to have it all and have passive aggressive tendencies.  The particular episode I was watching when I got philosophical (well sort of anyway) was “What’s with Robert”. I wasn’t exactly in the exact situation but I had a kind of similar thing happen to me. I am not going to elaborate cause that’s was a hyper-awkward moment in my life I am trying to move to a far corner in my brain where I never have to think about again.

After the realisation set in that, oh my god, I am Robert, another scarier one set it. Robert has a better social/dating life than me. He has a meaningful job, that he loves, unlike me who at times am not sure what I’m doing. And he is a good dancer, I am not. So basically, it dawned on me that Robert Barone, has it better than me. I am not sure if alarm bells should be ringing that a fictitious character deliberately made to seem a little pathetic seems to have a better life than me but they didn’t. I just sighed and thought to myself – great, just great.


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