New Music Loves

I have discovered a new music love through a nescafe TV ad that’s played over here. Mark Wilkinson. His voice is amazing and his songs are equally as wonderful. He’s my new John Mayer. I listened to his songs and have decided to elope with him. Even if it means just marrying his voice, I would do it. I just wanted to publicly profess my love for him and his music incase he goes more mainstream/commercial. That way, when every one falls in love with him I have proof that I loved him first =D. I don’t think he will ever go mainstream though, but who knows. Anyway as the story of my live goes, I found out about his music on 28 August. I also found out he was in Canberra to perform, on 23 August. And guess what? He does free concerts/performances and even the ones that you need to get tickets for don’t cost like 10 dinners worth. Can’t catch a break with the universe can I?

And speaking of an imaginary love life, though Mark is my current favourite musician and possible soul-mate, my song of the month is Fact-Fiction by Mads Langer. I know its an old song but I just came across it and it struck serious a cord with me, so I am adding the video below.

And for anyone who wants to check out Mark Wilkinson:


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