Gratitude + Birthday

I just wanted and needed to put it out there that I am very grateful for all the people in my life. Family, extended family (one person especially that belongs to that category) and friends. I feel I have a very small circle of close friends and I used to wonder why I was so introverted or socially awkward that I couldn’t make friends. But my birthday yesterday made me realise that while I may not make a large number of friends, the people I do meet and somehow stay in touch with some of the nicest people on earth. So I shouldn’t be too worried up having a very small pool of good friends. I just hope they don’t get sick of me soon :p In other news, the birthday high I get into every year (its a combination of irrational joy and cake i think) seems to have worn out. I seem to have slid back into emo mode. Old john mayer songs, here I come.


One thought on “Gratitude + Birthday

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