Hunger Games

Student life makes you have strange eating habits. I have blogged about it previously here. But it struck me again today at lunch. We were at a Chinese restaurant and the key thing to take note that the food was pre-paid for (and not by me). So I ate…a lot, more than I should have.  I was pretty much shoveling food into my face, it was as if I was eating before I hibernate or something. Ultimately, I attribute that to being on a student budget. Given the little access to good food you have, that you don’t have to cook yourself, you just see any situation with free food as a chance to stock up. That might mean packing leftovers or eating as much as you can during a meal. But I do admit I need to watch that. I mean I did lose some weight since I’ve come here to study but I am still overweight. I hope that my weight continues to drop magically, like how it did the last 6 months. From now on I might try to help that process by not eating as if i am building my internal food reserves. :p


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