Putting off Procrastination

One of my all time favourite quotes is by Ellen Degeneres. She said “Procrastination is not the problem. It is the solution. It is the universe’s way of saying stop, slow down, you move too fast”. I am a huge procrastinator, no argument . That would explain the lack of posts these last couple of months. I have been on my mid-year break and since I didn’t have to procrastinate finishing of an assignment or studying I haven’t posted anything. Now that the semester has started again I predict that there may be a few more posts. I have had a busy break through. No i still haven’t gotten a job (or a life) but I have been helping my sister out with my new nephew and boy are babies a lot of work.

I have had things to post about though, i just never got around to posting it. One of it is about why I am thinking about boycotting products that are made by Unilever brands.  I am having a bit of issue deciding if I am going to commit to that because one brand under Unilever that is going to be hard and possibly life changing to give up – Ben & Jerry’s. But I think I can do it. Especially since I’m in Australia at the moment where B&J is not very popular.

The other thing I wanted to do is mostly for my benefit than anyone else. You see I always see/think up of meals that I would/could cook if I had someone to eat it. And I do manage to cook some of these things for me but given budget and communal kitchen constraints, I go without making most of them. So I am going to start posting random dream meals/foods that I want to cook.

I have also become semi obsessed with Instagram Instagram. However given the crappy 3G network here, I haven’t been able to use it much.

There are a million more things that I want to say but I can’t think of any at the moment. Hopefully I will remember and post them more regularly.

PS. I deleted the coca-cola video I originally posted because they have another ad out here which is really stupid in my opinion. Maybe I’ll make that my next post.


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